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  • A Bad Moms Christmas Sync

    A Bad Moms Christmas Sync

    As Christmas fast approaches we thought now would be a good time to shout about a sync that the team at Focus Music worked on for a new...
    ‘Real’ Trailer Sync

    ‘Real’ Trailer Sync

    Here's an awesome trailer sync from our friends at Universal Production Music Asia using our track ‘Lawmaker’ from the album ‘Urban...
    Witness BBC World News

    Witness BBC World News

    Our track Troubling from the Kosinus album Light & Dark Tension was used in a promo for the recent BBC World News series Witness.
    Listen to me Marlon

    Listen to me Marlon

    Our track Funeral Crown has been used in a BBC promo for the award winning 2015 Marlon Brando biography "Listen To Me Marlon"

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