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  • Patrick Fuller’s Playlist Takeover

    Patrick Fuller’s Playlist Takeover

    Hi, I’m Patrick – Creative on BBC World News

    What can we expect from your playlist Patrick?

    Since everyone is so divided at the moment here’s a mix of upbeat and positive songs from a few different genres.

    What was the path to what you are doing now?

    Ultimately I kept applying for BBC apprenticeships and trainee schemes until they realised it would be less effort to give me a chance rather than continuously read and reject my applications.

    What was a favourite project of late to work on? – why?

    BBC World News has a big ‘Live The Story’ brand spot that features BBCWN correspondents and their contributions to the channel. Recently I was lucky enough to cut a trail for Rajan Datar and his work on The Travel Show. This is a project that has more significance for me when you take in the challenges faced during the process. Typically for one of these we would pitch the idea from the start but unfortunately due to time constraints Rajan was given random interview questions that he had to answer off the cuff without any direction. It was challenging not having creative control from the beginning but I think we managed to bring out Rajan’s personality and show viewers why he is a great asset to the Travel Show and the BBC.

    As a video editor, whose work do you admire?

    My tastes change a lot. I tend to find myself getting into someone’s work, or a particular style, and then overdose on it until out of nowhere I appreciate something that is the complete opposite. I like the frantic pace of Jay Rabinowitz’s editing in Requiem For A Dream and the measured feel of Kelley Dixon’s work in Breaking Bad.

    What do you like to watch in your own time?

    There’s so much content out there now that the new show you’re into is old-hat a few weeks later. My all time favourites are comedies like Seinfeld, The Office and it’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and big US dramas like Breaking Bad, The Wire and The Sopranos.

    How do you stay updated on the latest tools and trends in your industry?

    Broadcast Magazine is a good resource and obviously there are infinite accounts to follow on social media. Rules Creative always posts something interesting, it’s where I discovered this gem >>>

    What is your creative process in regards to choosing music?

    Typically working on projects for World News means staying tight to the brief so I’ll pick out some keywords that the client has flagged and try to find something with the right pace. More often than not when I’ve got a new project in, I’ll email Jon at Focus to see if he has anything that fits what I’m looking for.

    What are you listening to at the moment that you think more people should hear?

    I just discovered Danny L Harle. Just when you think you have one of his songs figured out it goes in a direction you wouldn’t expect, it can be jarring, but in a good way.

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