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    We’re excited to see that the launch of the new Focus site and labels has been featured in this article on Broadcast Online.

    Here’s what they had to say:

    Focus Music beefs up catalogue

    The 20-year old business, which provides music from genres including classical, indie and dubstep, has added 175,000 tracks to its slate – offering clients a total of 225,000 tracks.

    These are housed across 35 labels, up from the five previously available, with new imprints including the documentary-themed Kosinus, vocal-based MasterSource and mega-library FirstCom.

    Focus will continue to produce more than 40 albums each year, providing opportunities for composers, as it continues to grow its catalogue.

    The relaunch also involved an overhaul of Focus’ website, supported by a more powerful search engine.

    Focus managing director John Clifford said it was a “monumental” step for the business.

    “We pride ourselves on our indie roots, our ambitious and innovative team, and a very personalised approach to how we work with our clients,” he added.

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